Our professional culture

Holl & Partners has been training, consulting and supporting employees in organisations since 1994

We have comprehensive experience in tailor-made concepts for training, coaching and teambuilding for staff members and managers

We are a network of men and women from all walks of life consisting of psychologists, economists, engineers and other professions

Attitude to work

Our attitude to work is based on an image of humanity, which has its origins in systemic theory, humanistic psychology and the constructivist science of learning:

  • absolute recognition of the character of each individual with emphasis on the person´s strengths and talents
  • participants are expected to take responsibility for themselves
  • consolidation of already existing capabilities
  • selection of methods according to different learning types
  • situational and active learning
  • to see something from a different perspective

Order to guarantee transfer

In order to guarantee transfer, we regard the intensive preparation of our service (“quality of input”) as absolutely necessary and focus on participants consciously applying what they have learnt to their everyday job situation.
In our courses we employ different teaching methods to achieve a high learning process (“quality of output”).

Our special features

  • We are able to create a confident learning environment and we can motivate unresponsive participants in a very short space of time
  • We have long-term relationships with our customers and as a result of recommendations we have grown continuously since 1994
  • We work together in an atmosphere of trust and our customers appreciate our loyalty

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