Roxana Lazarides

Fields of Acitivity

  • Intercultural Trainings
  • Intercultural Sensitivity Trainings
  • Culture specific trainings for Russia, France and Belgium “Working in and with international teams”
  • Communication skills
  • Customer Service Skills + Maximising Customer Satisfaction in a Technical Environment
  • Managing time and personal resources
  • Coaching Elements for Managers
  • Management Coaching (role conflicts, managing change, stress management)

Qualifications and professional experience

  • Born in 1949 in Athens and grown up in Greek, personal life experience in Belgium, England and Germany
  • Trainer in adult education since 1976
  • Russian & French Combined Honours (University of Exeter, UK), Bachelor of Arts
  • Qualification in team development, conflict resolution, presentation skills, moderation techniques
  • Intercultural communication
  • Hermann Dominance Instrument (H.D.I.)
  • NLP-Certified Trainer (The NLP Connection, Dr. Christina Hall)
  • Presentation skills, (Michael Grinder)
  • Leadership skills (Robert Dilts)
  • Certified wingwave©-Coach (
  • European Coaching Certification Training (International Training Seminars, London
  • Certified Business Coach and Work Balance Coach (

Profound knowledge

  • Automotive Industry
  • European Administration
  • Health Care
  • Metal and Electronic Industry
  • Public Utilities
  • Transport Services